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Leadership Development Coaching

Be the Inspiration

At Coach2Nurture, we believe that each and everyone of us in the Organisation has the potential to learn and succeed base on our strengths. Our coaching approach combine the right tool to identify your strengths and process to bring out the shine in you

Our Approach

Through the use of assessment tools, Leaders would obtain an insight of their leadership gaps and embark on a development journey to harness their potential to become an effective leader.

Data on a Touch Pad

360 Degree Assessment

Tailored leadership competencies aligned to your Organisational Values, Barrett Values Centre - Leadership Values Assessment

Making Notes

Psychometric Profiling

Gallup StrengthsFinder and MBTI, Barrett Values 

Team Meeting

Focus Group Feedback Session

Facilitate a focus group feedback session with the team members  based on your Organisation's Leadership Values

Executive Coaching Journey

Presentation_ Coaching Karen Lur 2018Sep
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