Coach2Nurture offers a range of consulting and coaching services with the necessary tools and expertise to help you grow your business. If you are at a start-up phase,  we will support you in the initial set-up to build your HR capabilities. If you are at a growth stage, we will support you to develop your talents through coaching and mentoring. If you or your business is at a transition stage, we will extend career transition coaching support for the next phase.

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HR Outsourcing & Set-up, Advisory and Mentoring

Expert Guidance

With years of experience, our approach and expertise would help you set up HR processes at the initial stage, design structures to support the growth stage and mentor the team to raise their level of capabilities. We’re proud to help shape and improve our clients HR structure and practices to better develop their People

Leadership Succession Coaching

Be the Inspiration

At Coach2Nurture, we believe that each and everyone of us has the potential to learn and grow and contribute to the best of our abilities. Our coaching approach combine the right tool and process to bring out the shine in you

Career Transition Coaching

Achieve your Dream

Help your Team Achieve their Dream

Looking to plan your next career change? Or are you planning to right size your business and is concerned about the placement of your People?  Let us support you or your People during this transition phase to kick start their second career.

Networking Event

About Us

Coach2Nurture was founded on the belief that we all have the potential to be at our Best.
The Founder Karen Lur has more than 20 years in both HR Management and Consulting across varied industries advising, partnering and helping businesses, both MNCs and SMEs  in building their HR & Leadership Capabilities.  She also coaches Senior Executives to enhance their leadership competencies as well as mentors organisations to implement learning programmes. Outside the corporate arena, Karen coaches Professionals undergoing a mid-career transition.
How ready are your People in supporting your business growth? How ready are you as an individual to make career change? 
Call us and have a chat today on how we can support you.

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